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Guidelines for ESSWE travel bursaries

1. General aspects

1.1. A fund has been created by the ESSWE in order to assist students and/or members from economically disadvantaged countries through travel bursaries. The fund is used primarily for facilitating participation in ESSWE conferences, and secondarily for participation in ESSWE workshops and other academic activities whose purpose is in accordance with the aims and goals of the ESSWE.

1.2. If the budget of the ESSWE allows, a number of bursaries of € 400 each will be granted to applicants for participating in the regular ESSWE conference, held every two years. The remaining amount, divided into bursaries of € 200 each, will be allocated for applicants attending other workshops or conferences.

1.3. Bursaries for participating in conferences will be reserved for applicants who will present a paper. In other cases, such as workshops, active participation will be valued, but will not be a requirement.

1.4. The bursaries will be made available under the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must be a paid-up member or a paid-up student member of the ESSWE.
  2. The applicant must have sought funding from other sources as well, such as the applicant’s home university or national funding organizations, if available.
  3. Preference will be given to students and/or full members from the former Eastern European bloc.
  4. If the bursary is intended for participation in a conference, the applicant must be duly registered as a participant and present a paper.
  5. When the applicant is a student member, s/he must present a CV and a letter of recommendation, preferably from a full member of the ESSWE, or, as an alternative, from the student’s PhD supervisor or any other senior scholar.
  6. Preference will be given to those who have not received a bursary in previous years.
  7. The bursaries are intended for reimbursement of costs, and will in no case be paid in advance. After the event, the applicant will submit to the Treasurer the receipts in their original form. Only three types of receipts will be considered: travel tickets, accommodation bills, and payment of registration fees.
1.5. The evaluation of the applications and the decision on awards will be made by the Executive Committee of the ESSWE.

2. ESSWE conference bursaries

2.1. The number of bursaries available for participating in a regular ESSWE conference will be announced on the website of the ESSWE in good time before the conference.

2.2. The application deadline will normally be 2 to 4 months before the beginning of the conference.

Click HERE for the Application form for an ESSWE travel bursary.

3. Bursaries not related to ESSWE conferences

Applications for bursaries not related to a regular ESSWE conference may be submitted at any time. Before submitting an application, prospective applicants are recommended to check with the Treasurer ( that at that moment the budget allows for such bursaries.

Click HERE for the Application form for an ESSWE travel bursary.

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