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Call for Papers: International Theosophical History Conference 2022: The Theosophical Movement, Innovations in Esotericism and Spirituality (5-7 October 2022 in Naarden, The Netherlands)

2022-06-28 12:56 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)

The founding of the Theosophical Society in 1875 marks a major historical event in the history of esotericism and spirituality. The society and its many diverse members were instrumental in comparing, bridging, reviving, and fusing ideas from a wide variety of traditions, cultures and time periods, including Platonism, Kabbalah, Hermetism, occult sciences, spiritualism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, This has resulted in major innovations in esotericism and spirituality that continue to form and influence contemporary spirituality.

The Theosophical Movement is known for going against the stream, for exploring the unknown, the lost, ‘the other,’ and the unpopular. Additionally, it is well-known for its progressive views, for bridging ancient and newer traditions with modernity, and for inspiring modern literature and art. H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical movement are often credited for promoting Asian traditions globally. While much is known about Theosophical innovations, significant new research has been conducted in the last two to three decades that has shed additional insight into this domain. Thus, this conference aims to assess the current status of research in this field and to foster a renewed focus on Theosophical innovations in connection to the history of esotericism and contemporary spirituality.

Themes include:

  • Innovations and transformations
  • All connections between Theosophy and esotericism (including Spiritualism, Kabbalah, Hermetism, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Platonism, Occultism, Magic, as well as The Golden Dawn, Freemasonry and others
  • Connections between Theosophy and spirituality (including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, New Age, mindfulness, and a wide range of contemporary spiritual practices

All interested parties are welcome to submit papers on the aforementioned topics.

Paper Proposals

Any person may submit a paper to the conference committee on any aspect of the subject. Summaries of no more than 200 words and 50 words biography should be sent to the secretary of the ITHc Erica Georgiades via email ( All paper proposals will be evaluated by the conference committee prior to acceptance.


Suggested presentation time 20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions & answers.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of a paper: 1 August 2022

Notification of acceptance: 15 August 2022

Registration & Fees

The conference is free of charge and everyone is welcome.

Registration to the 2022 ITHC will open after the programme is released.


The International Theosophical Centre

EN-SUITE SINGLE ROOM 60 Euros per night. No meals included.

EN-SUITE SHARED ROOM 54 Euros per night per person. No meals included.


There is a number of hotels in Naarden also, see here


The International Theosophical Centre

Besant Hall.

Meentweg 9

1411 GR Naarden

The Netherlands.

The International Theosophical Centre is located approx. 20 km east of Amsterdam, close to the old, fortified city of Naarden.

By plane: fly into Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. The railway station is under the airport. Buy a ticket to station Naarden/Bussum.

By train: Buy a ticket to station Naarden/Bussum. Go by regular taxi to ITC (see plan) or by bus (Regioliner 100. From the bus stop Flevolaan it is a 20 minutes walk. See plan).

By car: take exit Bussum/Naarden off Motorway A1 between Amsterdam and Amersfoort. Then follow the description of the plan.

Conference Committee

– Conference Chair: Prof. Tim Rudbøg (Associate professor, Science of Religion, director of the Copenhagen Centre for the Study of Theosophy and Esotericism, University of Copenhagen);

– Prof. James Santucci (Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at California State University, Fullerton);

– Bjarke Stanley Nielsen (PhD candidate, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies of the University of Copenhagen);

– Erica Georgiades (MRes Religious Experience Cand, University of Wales Trinity Saint David; PgD Merit Ancient Religions UWTSD; BA, Hons, Philosophy and Psychological Studies OU).

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