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Election of ESSWE Student Representative (Dec 2012)

2012-11-09 14:57 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)
The second annual election for a student representative will be taking place during the first week of December.

The duties of the person elected consists of attending the annual ESSWE board meeting as a non-voting representative of the students in order to put forward views on topics under discussion from the perspective of the students.
(The next board meeting will take place during the 4th ESSWE conference in Gothenburg).

Anyone interested in this position must confirm their candidacy by 21 November 2012. This will allow seventeen days for voters to reflect on their choice.

The election will take place over the course of seven days, from December 10-16, inclusive. Announcement of the successful candidate will follow on, or before, 21 December 2012.

Anyone interested in applying for the position or learning more about the voting procedures, please contact Kevin Hataley for further details:

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