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PhD positions at the University of Gothenburg

2011-12-13 15:32 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)
Admission to Doctoral Programmes, University of Gothenburg

The Faculty of Arts announces 18 funded positions as postgraduate student in the subjects listed below. A complete application must be submitted no later than noon (12:00), Friday January 20th, 2012. The application is to be made by means of the electronic form in The University of Gothenburg’s net-based Job Application Portal, where required attachments also are to be uploaded. Instructions for applicants are here.

Final decisions about admissions will be made in May or June; all applicants will be informed. An announcement in a given subject does not entail a guarantee that anyone will be admitted within this particular subject.

Applicants must be aware that the Faculty’s principle of announcing full postgraduate positions carries with it the expectation that the postgraduate as employee will be physically present at the workplace and interacting actively with the research environment.

In order to be admitted as a doctoral student, you must have completed an undergraduate degree (First cycle) and at least one year of study at the Masters level (Second cycle). Normally the prerequisites for being admitted to a doctoral programme in a given subject include three to four terms of studies in that subject in the First and Second cycle. If you are uncertain about your qualifications, you should check with the relevant department. It is also advisable to check with the department whether it is possible for students who don’t speak Swedish to follow the required courses and seminars.

Only students who have funding for the equivalent of four years full time study will be admitted into a doctoral programme; funding is normally obtained through a Faculty studentship. Faculty studentships in various subjects are normally announced once a year.
Anyone interested in researching in the area of Western Esotericism, should contact Henrik Bogdan, email:

For more general information, contact the Faculty's director of doctoral studies. For more specific information about possibilities and requirements in the different subjects, contact your vice-head of department for doctoral studies:

Department of Cultural Sciences – Alf Björnberg, e-mail:

Department of Historical Studies – Maria Sjöberg, e-mail:

Department of Languages and Literatures – Kan Benson, e-mail:

Department of Literature, History of Ideas, and Religion – Mats Jansson, e-mail:

Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science – Åsa Abelin, e-mail:

Department of Swedish – Elisabet Engdahl, e-mail:

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