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Call for proposals for hosting the 2013 ESSWE conference

2010-03-10 16:05 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)
The Board of the ESSWE invites proposals for hosting the Fourth Biennial Conference of the ESSWE in 2013. Proposals should be emailed to the Secretary, Mark Sedgwick,, by 1 June 2011, and should cover: 1. The location of the conference. What rooms would be available for large sessions and small sessions, what possibilities are there for coffee breaks and lunches and so on. Could there be special arrangements with one or more hotels to provide special rates? 2. Finances. What possibilities are there of funding to invite keynote speakers--that is, to pay for their flights and accommodation? How much, for how many speakers? What sort of fee would participants be charged? 3. Anything else of importance that would contribute to a successful conference, or be an issue that would have to be addressed.

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