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Call for papers: The Transnational Reception of Jacob Boehme and his thought (Coventry, Gotha, Amsterdam, 2019)

2018-08-20 19:50 | ESSWE admin (Administrator)

In 2017 the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD) in Germany presented an exhibition on the thought of the mystical philosopher Jacob Boehme. From 25 August – 19 November 2017 around 30,000 people visited the exhibition, and many more learned about Boehme’s philosophy through the very positive response of the media to the exhibition.

As part of its ongoing engagement with Boehme, the SKD is planning a series of three further exhibitions to take place in 2019-20 in locations outside Germany. These exhibitions will highlight in particular the reception and transformation of Boehme’s thought transnationally. A scholarly conference will accompany or precede each of these exhibitions.

At this time, we invite researchers who are working on Boehme’s thought and his reception, from the 17th century to the present day, to submit proposals for papers at one or more of these conferences. Each conference will highlight Boehme’s reception and his influence in a different geographical area: England, the Netherlands, and Eastern Europe. There will also be room for papers that focus on Boehme’s thought or on the historical and religious context of his reception, including relationships and comparisons with contemporary theologians and philosophers.

As Boehme influenced a wide range of fields, we encourage scholars from all relevant disciplines – from history and religious studies to art, music and literary history and beyond, to submit proposals. Lodging, meals and most travel costs will be covered for those who are invited to participate. A peer-reviewed selection of the papers from the three conferences will be published together in one volume, which will appear in 2020. The book will be published in English, but lectures may be given in English or German.

Here are the dates and general subjects of the planned conferences. Please state clearly which conference(s) you wish to attend to give your paper:

Jacob Boehme and Continental Spiritualism in Britain (Coventry, 23.-25. May 2019)

Boehme’s Reception in Eastern Europe (Gotha, 28.-29. June 2019)

Jacob Boehme and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, 7.-8. Oct. 2019)

Please send proposals of 300-600 words by e-mail before 31. December 2018 to the following address:

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